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May 03, 2009

Career ADD?

Ok, so to be completely honest, I have not finished college, yes I am 29 years old have not finished school yet. Not sure why, I do consider myself a pretty smart person, when I did take classes I always did get good grades and had a pretty high GPA. I took college prep classes in high school and did well in those. Also, I do like to learn, I enjoy watching television shows where I can learn, and I like to look things up and research topics that interest me. So it doesn't make sense as to why I would not have finished school yet. I have taken a lot of college classes and I'm really not that far away from getting a degree, so I never did understand why I never finished. I always thought of myself as lazy for not finishing, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized something else.
I came to the realization that I have what I like to call "Career ADD". (Now, i know that people might get upset that i use the ADD diagnosis when I really don't have it, but i really don't care, i'm not here to make other people happy. Just putting down my random thoughts. ) I went into college right after high school like everyone else, and I majored in elementary education, specializing in music. Then, I just stopped going, the subject didn't interest me anymore, well, music has always interested me, but the teaching part did not. So I started taking classes at a community college, and found that I had an interest in business, then marketing, the international marketing. Then, I started to realize that I do like to research and study religion and learn foreign languages and then cultural history and then fashion. (Well, I have always loves fashion.) Even being chef would be exciting to me. I think to myself, the reason I have not finished is because, i don't really know what I want to do with my life. I told my husband the other day that I wish i could live to 1000 just so i could do everything i love to do!
So, as I get older I started to realize that I need to pick something and stick to it. I guess I could get a "normal" degree and after that maybe go back and study something I really love. Oh well, I guess I tend to get into these type of moods around my birthday. Thinking of things I could have done or could be doing. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret my life, I love my husband, my family, and right now I love my job. I have great friends and live a comfortable life, so really no room to complain, but I always think, "What if...?".
What if i had pursued my passion for music or language? What if i had stayed in school where would I be? I guess in life, or my life, there will always be what ifs, and it is fun to think about the "What could have been." scenarios.
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