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I am a wife and mom who has Martha Stewart aspirations and gets stuff done with the grace of Lucille Ball. I would love you to join me on my journey and maybe have some laughs along the way.

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The Hot Mess Life

September 15, 2013

Pinterest Weekend

It was a food centered weekend around here. Which in my opinion is NOT a bad thing!

I have been in a food rut lately and looking for new recipes, so what is a girl to do?  PINTEREST of course!!!

Home made pop tarts has been on my to do list for a while and they came out super yummy!  It was super easy too!

I also made some chicken gyros.  To be honest, I wasn't sure how these would turn out, but they are fantastic!  The fact that it is pretty healthy just makes it so much better!

I also made my own version of a caprese salad, and made an open faced sandwich.  I used all fresh ingredients we got from the farmers market this morning.  It was delish!

Aaaaand including a visit from grandma, weekly grocery shopping and chores it was a full weekend!  I will post the recipes for these in the following days, so be on the lookout!

This pretty much sums up how I feel! 

September 06, 2013

The Bad Ones

I love taking pictures.  I take tons of them, my 300 gig laptop hard drive is almost full of just pictures and videos
. And Shutterfly.  Aaaaaand Google+.

Mainly because of her...

Not trying to toot my own horn, but I've taken some pretty nice pictures, which I have plastered all over Instragram, Twitter and Facebook.  (You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter, see the buttons on the side! Shameless plug I know).  Although it does help to have a super cute subject.

What you don't see are the gajillions of pictures I took to get that one good shot.  I've decided to show you these, for no other reason except that they are pretty darn hilarious.

A bit Austin Power - ish here. 

Ah yes, such a loving moment between mother and daughter.
She hit me in the nose with her head.  Ouch!


Dayum! This strawberry smoothie is it man! 

Foot. In. My. Mouth. 

Ya, I don't even know on this one. 

I don't take very good selfies. 
So I hope you all enjoyed these.  I've got plenty more so maybe on a slow day I'll break them out.  I know you're excited!

September 03, 2013

Back From The Weekend

Oh my what a needed break!  Nothing like a three day weekend to re charge and refresh!  I purposely did not make any set plans this weekend just so we could hang out and do what we wanted.  And let me tell you it was glorious!

We took our time, there was no rushing around, no major cleaning, just a good old relaxing, do what we want, when we want type of weekend.

Let's see quick recap, we did a COSTCO run (I LOVE COSTCO, like seriously LOVE)

We also did some Labor Day sale shopping and snagged some very good buys! Scored myself an $11 dress from Old Navy, thank you very much!  Husband made ribs on Monday, yummmmmmm... I made cinnamon rolls.  Your Welcome.  

We also discovered Bubble Guppies and are currently obsessed!  It was just too hot to do anything outside on Sat and Sun so we watched some Guppies and played inside.  Sunday morning surprised us with a thunderstorm, and let me tell you snuggling with a baby and listening to the rain and thunder is just heaven. Like I said, nothing fancy, crazy but it was PERFECTION! 

As you can see, she had a great time!

May 31, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Happy soaking wet morning to you all!

It is day 5,982 of straight rain.  Ok, duh, that is an exaggeration but it sure feels like.  It was sooooooooo very hard to get out of bed this morning listening to all the rain and thunder.  But, I did what I had to do.  Push snooze until the last possible moment and rush like a mad woman to get out the door on time.  Although I have found it is harder to do those things with a 14 month old demanding all your attention.  (Yes, she is very selfish.)

And to top it off, the girl wouldn't give me a good picture this morning!  Doesn't she know how unbelievably cute she is?  I wouldn't want the camera off of me if I was her!

The closest I got was this moving picture.

And the rest went like so:

She couldn't even give me a break in the car!

She is a handful but I make the hard sacrifice to put up with her.

Well, hoping everyone is staying dry and safe in the Midwest!!!!  Have a happy weekend!

April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap and Weather Griping

Seriously the Mother Nature, can we pick a season and stick with it?!?!?!  I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore having lived in the Midwest for 20 years.  Oh God, did I just type 20 years!?!  Please excuse me while I got put on some more eye cream and get my cane.  Anywhoo back to the subject.  Is it too much to ask to be able to actually have a spring and not jump from snow to awful humid heat please?
Rain? Really?  

Despite the fact it rained almost all day Saturday (even though Mr. Weatherman said it was supposed to be sunny) we took Miss Sophia to have some one year photos and did some retail therapy with a bestie and of course had our standard Chinese food lunch date.

Oh hey everyone, How you doin'?

Sunday weather was amazing! It was a non stop day, had errands to do in the morning, cleaning/organizing and then went to a first year birthday for a friend of ours and then more organizing   I didn't realize how tiring it was until 8:30 pm came around and I was nodding off.  Worth it though, got a lot of stuff pulled for garage sale we are going to have in a few weeks.

How was your weekend?  Hope you all had a good one and here's to a great week!

Peace Out Peeps! About to get my daycare on! 

April 24, 2013

What the What Wednesday!

Ok, so being a mom now has introduced me to a wonderful world of gadgets to make life easier.  Some have merits and some well...not so much.  Please see below.

One of my friends' GMIL (grandmother in law, being a mom also introduces you to a plethora of new acronyms) got her baby girl one of these for he first birthday.

It is called "The Dog Slicer" for when you forget how to cut a hot dog and need a tool for that.  Now, I added the link to Amazon to purchase The Dog Slicer if you wanted.  Don't worry, I won't judge.  Ok maybe I'll judge just a little.  As I was researching this I came across a whole section of these dog cutters.  Who knew?

Now, this one is called "Dachshund Shaped Hot Dog Cutter: Kids Food Slicing Device", real clever name right?

Am I being to harsh?  Am I being like my parents thinking,"These kids have too much these days, rabble rabble rabble,"?   Who knows, talk to me in 5 years when I'm sure Sophia will cry for everything and anything she sees on tv.  I might just have a Dog Slicer in my kitchen cabinets.

February 04, 2013

Back On The Track

I am ready.

Ready to get my booty off the couch and back into my running shoes.  What's the best motivation? Signing up for a pretty hard 10K, granted I have 17 weeks to get ready, but man, I can tell you know those are going to be some pretty rough days/weeks coming up!

I plan on doing quite a few runs this year, and what a way to start it off!  I'm not a fast runner, but it is a great stress relief and not a bad way to work out.

Wish me luck.  June 1st the 10K so if you don't read anymore posts after that, I'm probably still laying on the road somewhere!

January 25, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Alright, let's see how long I can keep this up!  Every Friday will be "Fabulous Friday", where I will post about a product I am in love with or try to show of my crafty skills. Or my "crills" if you will.

Today's Fabulous Friday is baby legwarmers!!! Or "babylegs". Yes, I know, why do babies need legwarmers?  Why not?!?!?!

A.  They are super cute
B.  Help with easy diaper changes
C.  They are Uber cute!!!!

Here are some that I have purchased:

But, unless you can find them on a great sale (like those above were) they can be a bit pricey.  Sooooo, I made my own!

Super easy and super fast!  I will post the tutorial later!  And of course a gratuitous baby model shot of another pair I made.

Love babylegs!!!

January 24, 2013

New Traditions

Well, with a new baby new traditions are bound to start.  One of my favorites has been putting together a yearly family "yearbook".  Just random shots and some professional family photos taken throughout the year.   Here is the one I ordered through Shutterfly.com.

Click here to view this photo book larger
Click here to create your own Shutterfly photo book.

 Gotta love Pinterest for tons of new ideas!  FYI - I am loving Pinterest right now for babies first birthday ideas!

First birthdays are a HUGE deal in Korean culture and I am getting pumped!  I know the babies don't remember much, but I remember going to a lot of first birthdays and it is so much fun and seeing family and friends come together to celebrate a little miracle. We will be incorporating some Korean traditions and hopefully she will have her first hanbok! (Korean traditional dress)  I will post more on this later!  :)