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I am a wife and mom who has Martha Stewart aspirations and gets stuff done with the grace of Lucille Ball. I would love you to join me on my journey and maybe have some laughs along the way.

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March 31, 2011

Bedroom Eyes

I've been trying to find a way to decorate our master bedroom.  I always seem to take forever to decide on paint, curtains and well everything else.  I think I'm just scared I will make a wrong decision and regret it!

I have a very eclectic way of decorating, I love all the different styles.  Here are a few pictures I have found to inspire me.

Clean and Modern:

Fancy Formal:

Country Chic:

Eclectic & Fancy:

Cozy & Comfy:

 I would love to have this on one of my walls:

Or this painting: (Actually I would love this painting for my living room.)

I have decided that I am going to have at least:

1. Ceiling to floor curtains that go across a whole wall. 

2. Gray walls with one purple accent wall.

3.  Teal accents in the curtains/bedspread/pillows.

I may ambitious and make my own curtains and pillows.  The pillows I can definitely do, the curtains would be a big undertaking.  But, I think I am up to the challenge.

March 29, 2011

Biggest Loser Update

Two more weeks left in my Biggest Loser contest at work. TWO WEEKS!!!

So far I have lost 15lbs.  Which is great, but to be quite honest, I know I could have done better. But, I cannot beat myself up about this.  The reason I made the contest 90 days is to teach myself that this is a life long commitment. 

I have learned to not put myself down for a bad day or even a bad week.  Each day is a new starting point.  Just because I have a dessert after lunch, doesn't mean the rest of my day is shot.  I tell myself, "Ok, I had a treat today, I will have a light dinner, or throw in an extra workout and move on with my life."

 Self confidence is a powerful tool we have.  Remembering that you are strong and deserve to be healthy is a great way to keep yourself on track and to not put yourself down. 


March 28, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I love food.  I use food as a way to comfort myself and celebrate special occasions.  Ok, really any occasion, “HEY!   It’s Monday! Let’s eat!”

It has been a love/hate relationship.  I love it because it tastes good!  I hate it because, well, it tastes good!



Trying new foods is the best.  I will try any kind of food, I am an equal opportunity eater.

Although, I am in a lose lose situation when I find a new delicious food.  Because, it is then cataloged, indexed and Dewey Decimal systemed into my brain.  So then, at a later time, I can search my brain for some yumminess to crave when I am hungry or bored or it’s 3:00 on a Wednesday.

Thus brings up why I am writing this letter. I don’t appreciate your company creating the beautifully deliciousness that I tried for the first time yesterday.


The Cadbury Egg. Seriously? How could I have gone my whole life without having one of these deliciously sweet, melt in your mouth eggs?

Sigh… Therein lies the problem.  Now that I know what chocolaty creamy goodness is out there, I want one.  All. The. Time.  I want one now.  Like I am going to stop typing, drive to the store and get one, or two, or, well you know how this goes.

So, in the future Cadbury Egg company, if you would refrain from making any more yummy goodness in the future, I would greatly appreciate it, scratch that, my hips and thighs would greatly appreciate it.

Crazy for Cadbury

P.S.  Holy frijoles, I just found a caramel Cadbury Egg.  Sigh...


What The French Toast?

Sorry, readers it's soapbox day today.

I'm not sure if I am more disgusted or sad about this. 

Abercrombie & Stupid (I have never liked this company) have now come out with a push up bra bathing suit for little girls.  I'm talking about LITTLE girls around 7 years old. 

I mean come on!  Who was the sicko that came out with this idea and who was the idiot that approved it?!?!?

I'm sorry, but with all the adult images kids are exposed to these days they are growing up so much faster than when I was a child (which really was not that long ago).  Then to go and tell little girls that they should be worried about their bodies in a sexual way, just puts the nail in the coffin. 

If you go to this link you can read a bit more about it.  Then if you go here you can see for yourself on their site.

Now, I am not sure if they are doing this for publicity just so people will go to their site or what.  I realize they have always tried to, in their words "push the envelope", I just think it is an excuse to try and push sex in everyone's faces.

What are your feelings?  Are you as outraged as I am?

March 25, 2011

Passing Notes Friday!

Happy Friday!!!

Casey over at Poodelism turned me on to a great new linkup!  Just head on over to Meg's blog at O. is Me! and read all about it!

Passing Notes at O. is Me!

You write handwritten notes and share them with everyone!  Very creative idea!

Here is mine.  Please note, I have never had really nice handwriting, so a lot of mine will probably be doodles.  I love doodles!


Laid To Rest

I'm sure you have all heard that on Wednesday Elizabeth Taylor past away from congestive heart failure.

Now, I am not one to really be affected by celebrity status.  But, when an actor/actress/singer that has been in the spotlight since you were a child, it is a strange feeling that comes over you when they pass away.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor, was a larger than life figure who managed to make herself seem accessible to her loyal fans.  She was not only a beautiful woman on the outside, but she was a great advocate in the fight against AIDS.  She was so devoted to the cause she started the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, which helps to fight the disease worldwide.

Her beauty captivated her audience and those she met throughout her life.  A main component were her eyes.  Everyone who met her marveled at her beautiful eyes, that to this day no one is really sure of.  In many of her pictures they are a bright piercing blue, the ones that I love are when they are a gorgeous violet.

She will be greatly missed and I hope the younger generation will learn from her example. 

March 21, 2011

Running Fool!

I have rediscovered my love for running.

Before husband and I were, well, husband and wife, I used to run all the time.  I wasn't a super fast or huge distance runner, but I would do decently.  My runs were up to around 3-5 miles a day (5-6 days a week) and I kept it around 8-9 minute miles.  It was a pretty awesome feeling.

I started and stopped off and on during the past few years, but recently got my stride back (yes pun intended).  Along with all this, I have signed up for some awesome runs in my area. 

This year, oh yes, this year is going to be awesome!  I have a 4 mile run on April 17th and a 10K on June 4th.  The 10K, I am a bit nervous because it is known for it's challenging hills.  The third run I have on my agenda so far is, well, pretty flippin' amazing.

The Warrior Dash.

Warrior Dash.  So awesome, I had to say it twice.  It is a down and dirty, crawl in the mud and jumping over fire type of race.  Yes, I get to jump through fire.  FIRE!  Also, you get a viking helmet in your race packet!  Please see following video for awesomeness. 


March 18, 2011

The Day, The Music...

Alright.  So, I know there are all types of music and music lovers, and I usually don't judge since I know there is some music husband wouldn't be caught dead listening too.  BUT,  I do believe, I have just seen the worst music video ever.

I'm sure I am the last person on earth to watch this since over 17 million viewers have seen it. 
Just.  Watch.

Ok, I realize the girl is very young and I shouldn't be so harsh, I mean I don't have a song that just bumped Justin Beiber out of the the top 40 downloads on iTunes right? 

But, it makes me ask the question, "What has happened to all the real music?"  What happened to hearing instruments, not just synthesized and distorted sounds.  Where are the voices that aren't digitized, but sound so sweet they make you stop and just listen?

Example, the other day, Ray Charles' "Georgia On My Minds" came through my Pandora and it literally made me stop what I was doing and just listen.  It is so good that I wanted to cry. 

Sigh, has all the music died?

March 09, 2011


Alright readers, get ready!

I am starting up my Etsy shop again and I have some super fun things for you to see!  I will give a definite date in a future post.

I have aprons, coffee cup sleeves, home decor and of course my favorite, hair accessories!  I am also open to requests and made to order as well.  So drop me a line (email of course), just click the button on the left!

Keep your eyes peeled and keep on reading, I am thinking a give away may be in order.  Hmmmm...

March 06, 2011

Aged Like A Fine Wine?

I have never really felt as if I was getting older.  Until recently, radio stations I listen to, movie quotes I say and re-runs of shows I watch have really made me feel that I was "aging".

I am only 30, so my era is a mix of the 80's and 90's.  That was my time, tight rolled jeans, high tops and New Kids on The Block.  (My favorite was Jordan Knight, and yes I was a member of their fan club.)

Recently, when I sing clips of a song, my friend who is 6 years younger than I am, looks at me with blank stares.  A few examples were Monica's "Just One of Them Days" and Seal's "Crazy". I think I felt my hair turning gray on the spot.

Here is the video, that's right, this is my jam!

Then, a few co - workers and I started to talk about movies.  As we were stating the movies we loved growing up, it was only met with blank stares and curiosity from the "young-uns".  You would think a 6 year age gap doesn't seem enough to create such a difference in what we did/watched growing up.  Although, when I was a senior in high school they were only in 7th grade.  Sigh...

This is pretty much how I felt with them.

Here are some movies that I loved growing up that will be lost on the new generation.  These are must see movies if you haven't already seen them.  There are many more, but these are the highlights.

The Princess Bride

Blazing Saddles - Side note, I basically love anything Mel Brooks does.


Batteries Not Included

Flight of the Navigator

Never Ending Story

Like I said, this is just a small sampling. I might have to do a blog about the awesome music I grew up on.  Today's music ain't got nothing on Paula, Janet and Boyz II Men.  
 What were some of your favorite movies growing up?

March 02, 2011

Blame It On the Rain

Yes, I did break out some Milli Vanilli.  (How much does that age me?)

Just for ambience, I included this song to hear while you read this blog.

As you all know I love winter.  Although it does have its time and place, and with beginning of March, it is time for spring.

My favorite part of spring.  Thunderstorms. I love the rolling thunder and the sound of rain against the windows.

I also love listening to music and blogging.

I love drinking coffee and reading a good book.

I love baking and playing with the puppies.

My favorite thing to do?  Take a nap, not a deep sleep, but that place right before a deep sleep where you can still hear the rain and thunder. So relaxing.