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March 28, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I love food.  I use food as a way to comfort myself and celebrate special occasions.  Ok, really any occasion, “HEY!   It’s Monday! Let’s eat!”

It has been a love/hate relationship.  I love it because it tastes good!  I hate it because, well, it tastes good!



Trying new foods is the best.  I will try any kind of food, I am an equal opportunity eater.

Although, I am in a lose lose situation when I find a new delicious food.  Because, it is then cataloged, indexed and Dewey Decimal systemed into my brain.  So then, at a later time, I can search my brain for some yumminess to crave when I am hungry or bored or it’s 3:00 on a Wednesday.

Thus brings up why I am writing this letter. I don’t appreciate your company creating the beautifully deliciousness that I tried for the first time yesterday.


The Cadbury Egg. Seriously? How could I have gone my whole life without having one of these deliciously sweet, melt in your mouth eggs?

Sigh… Therein lies the problem.  Now that I know what chocolaty creamy goodness is out there, I want one.  All. The. Time.  I want one now.  Like I am going to stop typing, drive to the store and get one, or two, or, well you know how this goes.

So, in the future Cadbury Egg company, if you would refrain from making any more yummy goodness in the future, I would greatly appreciate it, scratch that, my hips and thighs would greatly appreciate it.

Crazy for Cadbury

P.S.  Holy frijoles, I just found a caramel Cadbury Egg.  Sigh...



  1. I too have an obsession for food n I totally empathize with u! I had a hard time gigving up on Bitter chocolate!

    found u from Mingle Monday :)


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