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I am a wife and mom who has Martha Stewart aspirations and gets stuff done with the grace of Lucille Ball. I would love you to join me on my journey and maybe have some laughs along the way.

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August 31, 2010

What the French Toast????

I found this picture and now am on a manhunt to find this! 

I don't know if I have ever publicly professed my love for Nutella.  Well, today is the day.  I love this deliciously hazel nutty, chocolaty mouth watering treat.  I love it so much, that I cannot have a jar in the house, otherwise I will eat it.  The whole thing. 

So, of course when I found this item, I almost dropped my laptop. 


August 24, 2010


I love shopping.  I love it even more when I get awesome deals! 

I love going through racks and racks of clothing and aisles of stuff looking for that one awesome item.  I might need some counseling.

This past weekend, I found one. Oh, rejoice and sound the trumpets for I have been blessed by the deal fairy!

I have been looking for a Le Creuset utensil holder forever!  The fact it costs about much as a tank of gas has held me back.  I found one and as soon as I saw it I let out a small gasp. 

Love, pure love!

This was the best part.

My search is over.  I can rest peacefully now knowing that my cooking utensils are held together in this gorgeous holder, that I honestly might just name because I love her so much. 

August 18, 2010

Watcha Readin' Wednesdays...or not

Alright, I have not finished The Lecture yet, hope to this week soon so I can report back.  So there is no new reading for me today. 

Although, I would like to take a moment and tell you about the wonderfully cool weather we are having.  Yes people, it was 68 degrees this morning.  That is a relief from the 85 degrees at 6 am we have had. 

Again, this weather is teasing me and getting me excited for fall!!!  There was another preseason football game on last night, and now all is well with the world. 

I will leave you with some beautiful fall pictures to help get you in the mood as well. 

What are some of your favorite things about fall?

August 17, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

I love finding new fun blogs!

I found out about Top 2 Tuesday's after reading Simple Little Joys post on the subject and found the link to The Undomestic Momma.

This weeks Top 2 Tuesday is:

Top 2 Characters You Would Want To Play on a 
TV Show or Movie

1.  Rachel from friends.  I love that she is gorgeous, funny and has a killer job.  Yes, I did the "Rachel" haircut when it was on every other person head at that time.  Also, I have a slight crush on Jennifer Aniston, she is my American Idol.  

2. Kimora Lee Simmons.  Why?  Are you kidding me?  Who wouldn't want to have her fabulous life???  She works hard and plays hard.  Being beautiful and filthy rich doesn't hurt either.  


August 16, 2010

Shake Weight Update

Alright my peeps! Time for Shake Weight Update 2010.   (Pause for dramatic effect)

So far my recommendation is, GET IT!  I love this thing.  I honestly believe that my arms are getting toned.  I have now definition and even my shoulders seemed to be getting sexified as well.  It has been approximately three weeks since I first blogged about this.  I started noticing some actual changes about two weeks in.


(So obviously these are not really pictures of me, I would hope you would figure that out since they are not even the same race.)

Now, I am not claiming that this sexually suggestive workout mechanism is  miracle worker.  I haven't done it everyday, but I do run and do Zumba three times a week. Although I was doing those things before I started doing the Shake Weight and didn't seem to be getting these type of results. 

I will post some more updates in a few weeks! Have any of you tried it? Results?

Oh, and I posted the SNL video again.  Just for kicks.  =)

August 14, 2010

Keep Your Chin Up!

I've been in kind of a pooper mood lately.  Not sure if it's because of the horribleness of the horribly horrible heat.  I mean it is just hot, humid, nasty, gross and horrible.  Horrible.

Maybe it's because I am at a plateau in my weight loss adventure.

Maybe because work is so crazy right now.

I don't like to be a Debbie Downer or Negative Nancy.  So, I am going to perk myself up with a great blog post and tell you what makes me happy.  Here are a few things that will get me through the remaining horribly horrible days of summer.  Horrible.

FOOTBALL!!!  Not soccer futbol, but good ol' American grid iron football.  College and NFL.  It made me so happy when I saw the first football of the year on television last Sunday night.

Please note that this is a picture of the most handsome football player to ever set foot upon a football field.  It doesn't hurt that he is wearing the beautiful Green Bay Packers jersey.  Cheeseheads Unite!

Fall weather.  Mmmmm... The crisp clean feel of the air.  Air that is not humid, sticky and horribly hot like the nasty horrible 115 degrees with heat index horrible summer heat.  Horrible.  The leaves are changing, the biggest holiday seasons are coming and there is a little bit of excitement in the air.

I love summer reality shows, a very big guilty pleasure of mine.  Although with fall comes the season premiere of GLEE!


I love fall/winter clothes.  I just seem to find so many different things to wear.  I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this Michael Kors ad.  Perfection.

Un-horrible.   =)

August 13, 2010

Flirty Friday

Ok, I'm late again with this Friday's post, but I have to show you guys this.

Amazing!  I first saw this purple Miu Miu lace dress (the farthest one on the right) in my August issue of Vogue and googled it immediatly! 

I then found out that Lily Allen wore this in Elle UK. 

Look at this dress!!! And then I found the shoes!  (I would not wear them together though.) 


August 11, 2010

Watcha' Reading Wednesdays

Alright,  a little late in the day, but I got it up! :) (That's what she said)

Today's read is "The Last Lecture", by Randy Pausch.  I recieved it as a Christmas present from the momil and just getting around to finishing it.  I had picked it up a few months ago and didn't end up having time to read it.  Now, I am starting over, it is not a long book so it shouldn't take me too long before I put a review.  From the first bit that I have read, it is gonna be a hum-dinger ( my new fave word).

I know I will cry, I know I will contemplate my own life and then get motivated to make more of myself.  Now THAT, my friends, is a good book.

Have any of you read it?  What are your thoughts?

August 06, 2010

Flirty Friday Catch Up!

Yes, I have been slacking on my Flirty Fridays.  Oh, but wait, I am about to make up for it now! Get ready for beautiful awesomeness.

I love watching The Rachel Zoe Project (and the season premiere was a hum dinger), and there was a dress from Chanel that Demi Moore was wearing, and it was UH-flippin-mazing!  It is just so beautiful! Here is the shot from the magazine.

A close up of the top without the bolero.

Here is another shot from the actual Chanel show.

I die!

I mean come on people! This dress just blows my mind! Granted it is over 14K for the dress, that is just for the dress, I believe the bolero is almost 7K.  So a bit out of my price range.  Ok, so it's way out of my price range.  I could buy a new car for that amount of money. 

Sigh, my heart can only dream. 

August 05, 2010


Alright everyone!  Sharing another blog with you all today.  Confessions on Conquering 26.2  :)  It is a running blog!!!   They are just starting and are documenting their way to marathon #1 and #2.  Run over because they are doing a giveaway in celebration of starting this new blog!!!

Running Update

I started week 4 of the Couch to 5K running program today. 

So far so good.  I also signed up for our zoo run in September.  It is a 4 mile track through the zoo, which will be fun.  There are few 5k's in the fall, which is awesome, I really don't like running when it's super nasty gross hot.

I have forgotten how good it feels to run in the mornings.  I don't get up too early, around 5:45 ( I am a morning person), usually eat half a banana and drink some water, and I'm running by 6:15.

Ok, so this is not me, but this is what I feel like in the mornings.  :)
 I've tried researching if you should eat before running in the morning, the consensus was whatever works for your body.

My running has improved since I have gotten PURPLE THUNDER!!!  Yes, I am very excited about getting new running shoes.

That's all for now!  I will keep you guys updated :)

August 04, 2010

Watcha Readin' Wednesdays!

Starting a new regular Wednesday post.  Going to share with you all what new blogs/books/magazines that I have found or have read.  I am more than open to suggestions and reviews.  Please share :)

Ok, I love this picture mainly because of the Starbucks.  I think I might have a problem.
This week I am sharing two new blogs I have started following.  I love finding awesome new blogs!  It has especially easy since my friend Meg started her Mingle Mondays.  It is a definite must read every Monday!

The two blogs I have started following this week are The Most of Megan and The Bird in Boots.  Both are great blogs with fun life stories and inspirational posts!  I suggest you all take a wander over and check them out! :)

August 03, 2010

Girl Power!!!

Ok, so I have a confession.  I am a geek, I like computers, computer games and all that fun stuff.  I won't get too into it, you all might leave me. 

I found this article and just wanted to show everyone that women are strong, smart, talented and that makes us all amazingly beautiful!

Just click the following link and find out about some amazing women who proving to the world that Grils Rules!!!       

15 Developer/Hacker Women to Follow on Twitter

Hope you enjoy!!!

That's right, I love this movie and I don't care who knows it!