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I am a wife and mom who has Martha Stewart aspirations and gets stuff done with the grace of Lucille Ball. I would love you to join me on my journey and maybe have some laughs along the way.

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March 31, 2010

You ever wonder...

Wow, it has been a while!  I have just been so busy! :)
Well, let's get started shall we?
A few weeks ago I went to a John Mayer concert with a great friend.  I do love music ( as previously written about)  so this was a treat since I do love his music.  Maybe not the actual person, but then again I don't know him, just what the tabloids say about him. It was a great concert!  He really didn't play a huge song list, but he did a lot of "jamming", so it was a great concert.  I felt as though I was in a club or bar and not a huge arena.  He played a lot of great songs, a lot of my favorite songs, not just of his, but oldies.  My favorite he saved until the encore and sure enough as soon as I heard those three notes in the beginning I just knew.  (And of course screamed like a schoolgirl). Gravity.  MMMMMmmmmm. Just thinking about it right now makes me happy.
LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 07:  John Mayer perform...After the concert, my friend brought up a good point.  I wonder what he was going through when he wrote those songs.  Which made me start to think about all singer/songwriters and listen a bit more closely to their lyrics. Which then led me to think of how theses artists give us a window into their lives and their ups and downs.  Yes, I know this is cliche, but if it is the story of their lives and a peek into how their mind works.  So I figure if you follow an artist long enough, you almost feel as though you know that person.  Which is why I think people are touched and moved these artists.
So, maybe from now on, you will take a closer listen to lyrics and not just the music, and realize that the lyrics that make up the songs are a piece of the person that is singing it.  So listen and then appreciate. 

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March 14, 2010

The Goodness

The original Piggly Wiggly Store, Memphis, Ten...Image via Wikipedia
I love to go to the grocery store.  Yes, I do.  I love going really early in the morning and grabbing a cup o' joe and just taking my sweet little time.  Not really sure why, but I think it has to do with there aren't a lot of people who go grocery shopping at 7 am.  Nope, just me, the stock boys, and one cashier.  
I get all the good produce and fruit, the ones that haven't been picked over 1000 times by other hands yet.  No worrying about getting in someones way while I am looking an item and feeling rushed.  Depending on what store I go to, I could spend a good two to three hours in the store.  (Ok, well maybe just in Target I could spend three hours.) 
I also love to be able to think about recipes on the spot and trying out new items.  Unfortunately, I don't get to do this every weekend, but when I do, it is just awesome! So, I would recommend to anyone if you have the time, go early in the morning and get some good coffee and take in all the goodness.

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March 10, 2010

I Want My Mommy!


How many times as a child have we muttered those words?  Just a quick posting about being sick and how it seems to bring out the babies in us.  Whenever you don't feel right or know you feel a sick day coming on, we all have those tried and true remedies that we swear by.  Only because we each grew up with a special sick remedy that our mommies would make to make us stop crying or whining. 
Chicken soupJust as a kiss on a boo boo can make it all better, my mom's home made chicken soup with rice makes me all better.  So, as I lay here in bed (hoping that this post is halfway coherent)  I am daydreaming about having a big piping hot bowl of chicken soup.  Now, I can make the hot water with honey and lemon and that mom would make, that does seem to make me feel better.  Although it would be even better if she made it.
So here's to all the moms/dads/guardians/caregivers/grandmas/grandpas or whoever your parent was, thank you for making us better when we were feeling down and in the dumps.  Because of you we will pass down these proven home remedies to our children and so on.   Now, off to bed and wishing my mommy was here to take care of me and not two hours away.  :)

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March 06, 2010

Mmmmmmm Food.

Now, as I have said before I love to cook. Looove to try new recipes and am always on the lookout for new exciting ones. Just the other night I made homemade mac and cheese for the first time, it turned out ok, not amazing or perfection, but it was just fine. I must admit I think that I am better at baking than actual cooking.
Just a few weeks ago I made an apple cake in my cast iron skillet (which I am in loooove with).  I also make a mean chocolate chip cookie.  My husband calls the "happy cookies".  They also go very fast when I bring them to work.  I "stumble" a lot, so I am able to get recipe ideas from other people's blogs.
I work with some awesome people who are amazing cooks themselves, so I am able to get amazing ideas and help from them.  It also didn't hurt that my mother was the head baker at a university for quite a while.  So just watching her and learning from her I think really helped me out.  There is nothing better to me than hanging out and baking or cooking a huge meal and having friends over to share in what I just made.  I think cooking/baking is therapeutic for me, also I cook to make people happy. 
I also said on a previous post that I do not want this to become a food blog, but since cooking is such a huge part of my life, that I think I am going to start sprinkling in some more posts about the yummies I have made.  Please if you have any recipes you love and think I should try please post your comments or link my your posts as well.
Oh, yes, and just an fyi, the pictures of the food will be mine unless otherwise noted in the blog.  :-)
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March 03, 2010

Age is just a number????


This year I am coming up on a milestone birthday.  Which made me ask the question, "What does age really mean?"
I never thought I would be the type of person who would be bothered by getting another year older.  Although, I did flip out just a little on my 25th birthday, so now that I am coming upon the big "Three - O",  I started to contemplate life and all that fun stuff you do when you age.  What is really bothering me is that I still think of my parents as 30-somethings with kids.  So, now that I am at that age and have no children (although we are hoping to change that soon) and still feel as if I am in college, I guess it is just hard to think that I am going to be at the same age as my parents are in my mind.  My parents had already had two children, one that was in elementary school, and one that would soon be in school.  I just feel so immature, I call my mom whenever I can and I still cry over silly little things.  I guess this also begs the question of, "When are you a grown - up?"  Or does anyone really ever feel like they are?
I felt a little bit more like a grown up when I bought my first car (well, it was new to me), and then when we bought our house.  I also felt a bit more grown up after having to work in my yard on the weekends instead of lazying off and laying by a pool all weekend long.  Although to be quite honest, I still feel as if I am a 21 year old just working for a paycheck and can't wait to go out with my girlfriends.
Maybe I will never feel like a grown-up, maybe age really just is a number.  I guess only time will tell.