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March 03, 2010

Age is just a number????


This year I am coming up on a milestone birthday.  Which made me ask the question, "What does age really mean?"
I never thought I would be the type of person who would be bothered by getting another year older.  Although, I did flip out just a little on my 25th birthday, so now that I am coming upon the big "Three - O",  I started to contemplate life and all that fun stuff you do when you age.  What is really bothering me is that I still think of my parents as 30-somethings with kids.  So, now that I am at that age and have no children (although we are hoping to change that soon) and still feel as if I am in college, I guess it is just hard to think that I am going to be at the same age as my parents are in my mind.  My parents had already had two children, one that was in elementary school, and one that would soon be in school.  I just feel so immature, I call my mom whenever I can and I still cry over silly little things.  I guess this also begs the question of, "When are you a grown - up?"  Or does anyone really ever feel like they are?
I felt a little bit more like a grown up when I bought my first car (well, it was new to me), and then when we bought our house.  I also felt a bit more grown up after having to work in my yard on the weekends instead of lazying off and laying by a pool all weekend long.  Although to be quite honest, I still feel as if I am a 21 year old just working for a paycheck and can't wait to go out with my girlfriends.
Maybe I will never feel like a grown-up, maybe age really just is a number.  I guess only time will tell.

1 comment:

  1. Totally just a number!!! You are hip and ready to take on the world lady!!

    Ps- Your blog is SOOOOOO cute!! And soooo YOU! Love it!

    PPS- Get your blog out there girl! Post it on a fb status or soemthing - it's totally reader worthy!


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