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March 10, 2010

I Want My Mommy!


How many times as a child have we muttered those words?  Just a quick posting about being sick and how it seems to bring out the babies in us.  Whenever you don't feel right or know you feel a sick day coming on, we all have those tried and true remedies that we swear by.  Only because we each grew up with a special sick remedy that our mommies would make to make us stop crying or whining. 
Chicken soupJust as a kiss on a boo boo can make it all better, my mom's home made chicken soup with rice makes me all better.  So, as I lay here in bed (hoping that this post is halfway coherent)  I am daydreaming about having a big piping hot bowl of chicken soup.  Now, I can make the hot water with honey and lemon and that mom would make, that does seem to make me feel better.  Although it would be even better if she made it.
So here's to all the moms/dads/guardians/caregivers/grandmas/grandpas or whoever your parent was, thank you for making us better when we were feeling down and in the dumps.  Because of you we will pass down these proven home remedies to our children and so on.   Now, off to bed and wishing my mommy was here to take care of me and not two hours away.  :)

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