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May 11, 2011

Crazy Times!

Gah!  These past two weeks have been insane to say the least!

Last week I was out most of the week due to an ugly thing called strep throat.  OMG!  It was horrible, never had it before and never want it again!  I left work early on Tuesday and was out the rest of the week.  Knocked me on my tushy that's for sure!

Although I did learn a few things from having strep throat:

1.  It is possible to lose 5lbs in two days by eating nothing but chicken broth and ice cream.

2.  There is a point when you become so cold that your skin hurts.

3.  When the Dr. tells you to rest and stay in bed, you should probably do that.  Otherwise you might almost fall down the stairs carrying a load of laundry.

4.  My dogs can apparantly tell when I am sick.  They were basically glued to me the whole I week I was home.  I was in bed, they were in bed, I was in the kitchen, they were in the kitchen, I was in the bathroo...ok moving on.

5.  You can turn your room into a humidifier by just turning the shower to hot and letting it run for a few minutes.  Not gonna lie, but that felt really good. 

Sunday I was almost 100% and finally got a few things done around the house.  I was still not able to go see my moms for Mother's Day and I was so sad.  I miss my momma. 

Then one of my worst nightmares happened.  The back gate was open and my beloved Snoopy was not in the yard.  My heart dropped.  Flashbacks of when he was a puppy were running through my head.  You know, like a tv show montage with a Fray song playing in the background.

Five hours of driving, walking and emotional breakdowns ensued.  Thankfully husband put an ad on Craigslist and the local animal shelter called and said they had him.   Those words that sent me into another emotionally charged crying, sniveling and hysterical mess. Then seeing him at the shelter threw me into wails of joy.  Bottom line I was a hot mess on Sunday.  Worst 5 hours of my life.

He is back home now and the whole event hasn't even phased him, back home, doing what he does best.

After the week of sickness and Sunday of Doom, as I now refer to it, work has been crazy.  Trying to get caught up from last week and helping prepare for an event this Thursday, has left me feeling out of breathe.

I have also been out of whack with my running program for almost a week and a half, so I am hoping to get back to it today.  Hoping.  Really hoping.

Here's hoping for a better end to the week and a great weekend!

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