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April 15, 2009


Ok, so I am trying to relearn Korean. According to my mom I used to be fluent in both Korean and English when I was younger. I guess I lost it when we lived with my American grandmother, my mom thought it would be rude to speak a foreign language in her house. I honestly don't know how you loose a language, my mom was telling me that she thinks her Korean is not as good as it once was since she does not speak it on a regular basis. One of my Korean cousins is here going to college for a year, so I wonder if that would help her out a little, but we are supposed to speak English to her so she can learn to be fluent in English. Soooo maybe that won't be a big help after all.

I am able to read at a elementary level and write at a very, very, very elementary level, and know basic words. I feel like I know more, I just feel that if I use it every day, it will become easier for me to learn. Which means I should call my mom everyday and practice, but for some reason I am very embarrassed to speak the little Korean I do know to anyone. I know this sounds silly, but I dream in Korean, and I can get the "gist" of a conversation, I just feel that there is a little door in my brain, and behind is all the Korean I need. So, I have done many starts and restarts in this process. I got the Rosetta Stone which does work if you do it every day. I also took some Korean classes (which i'm not sure if they offer it anymore, I would like to go again). Then there are books, instruction books and phrase books up the wazoo.

I don't know why I don't keep on one track, I think I just get frustrated, I feel that I should know what I am already learning, so I feel that I am just relearning.
For the last two or three weeks, I am have pretty good about keeping up with my "lessons", which are my own form of learning. I am using every tool at my disposal, the Rosetta Stone program, my books, and podcasts. I just learned that there are Korean language podcasts which are really awesome, I listen to them at work all day, just repeating them. I also am putting Korean recording artists, I am hoping to immerse myself in the language as well to maybe help me along. So, I will keep updated posts on my progress, maybe i'll start putting a "Word O' the Day", so maybe that will help me as well.

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