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April 20, 2009

To Twitter or Not.

So, I guess I consider myself computer "savvy", I don't know it all, but I do know enough to get by on my own without calling tech support all the time. (I did work for about 6 months at a computer call center and well, that was not fun, let me tell you.) I also keep up with the likes of Facebook, MySpace, I have my iPod, subscribe to a monthly music program, but where does one draw the line? I think my line is Twitter.
For all those that use
Facebook, Twitter is just like a constant status update. Now, I did sign up to see what all the hooplah is about. Aaaaand, I think I'm gonna have to pass. Maybe, it's just because I don't get the idea of every time I go do something new, posting it online for the whole world to see. Also, I don't have any a cell phone with a data plan so I can't do mobile posts, which I think would make it so much easier.
I guess I can see someone famous doing it, or an up and coming artist of some sort posting where they are playing or where they are doing a book signing so
their fans can see. So, maybe I guess I am just not important enough for me to tell everyone where I'm going and who I'm seeing, and what I'm doing. But, to be honest I don't think I really care if "Sally" is off to the grocery store or when "John" is going to the gym.
Now, I know that I do
Facebook status updates, but I've even noticed people updating their status constantly. Also, these people also have Twitter, so isn't that just make you do double the work, when we are all so busy anyways. I know, I don't have enough time to do put the same status on two different sites. But, I have hardly used Twitter, I just signed up for it actually and tried to familiarize myself with it, and for some reason just didn't see the need. I guess that's just me.
Although, I shouldn't judge so fast, I mean there are so many things in my life that I said I would never try, listen to, or do.
Soooo, I guess at this juncture in my life, I have no need for Twitter, so I guess it's difficult for me to understand others' need for Twitter or "tweeting" as the cool kids say. I know silly reasoning, but it is my reasoning. :)

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