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June 14, 2011

Things I Don't Understand

Really?  Is there anyone out there who is able to shed some light on these phenomenons?!?!?!

1.  Zombies - Am I the only one who doesn't get when or how the zombies fascination began?  Everywhere I look there are zombie games(Facebook Apps), articles on how to survive a zombie attack and zombie flash mobs. (I'm lumping Vampires into this as well.)

3.  Ed Hardy - Sigh...Why?  How did this brand become synonymous with aging men, who tan too much and use too much hair gel.  I also get the feeling they would smell like they bathed in some sort of nasty cologne. (See Jon Gosselin)  I understand that Ed Hardy used to be a great tattoo artist, but it should have stopped there.

FYI, I have awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award for Douchebaggery.


3. Passengers who feel the need to stick their feet out the window of a moving vehicle.  Again, why?  I just want to drive up and smack the feet back into the car.  Do you really need to be that comfortable in the car?  Sigh...
No, just no.

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