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October 13, 2011



I love the changing of summer to fall.  Especially since I loathe summer.  I love the cooler weather, changing of the leaves, warm apple cider, pumpkin patches and football.

I also love the warmer smells for fall.  I get to change my candles to some yummy cinnamon spice or pumpkin vanilla scents.  I also take my bi-yearly visit to Bath & Body Works.  Oh yes.  It is on!

I swear I smell so many different kinds of body sprays that my nose hairs are probably burnt off by the time I leave the store.  But I just love picking out a cozy warm smell to take me through the fall and winter.  The warm vanilla sugar or brown sugar and fig.  Can you smell what I'm laying down?

Can't wait for the weekend to venture out and grab my fall/winter scent of the year.  Oh, and grabbing some maternity clothes, I apparently am not going to be one of the cute basketball bellies that I had so hoped for.  Only 4 months and I only have two pairs of pants left that I can button.  (I say button but that doesn't mean they are comfy.) 

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  1. Hey Karen. I'm Sarah, I am a new follower from the Welcome Weds hop. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I am following through GFC, Pinterest and Twitter. I would love for you to come stop by my blog and follow back. Oh and I have the Warm Vanilla Sugar, I love it!! I haven't tried the Brown Sugar and Fig it sounds Heavenly though. Anyway, have a great weekend:)



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