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September 10, 2010

Flirty Friday


I love playing with makeup.  Always have and always will, and I am in LOVE with the new fall colors!

I have always liked experimenting more in the fall/winter, and tend to wear more color during the season.  During the summer, it is maybe some concealer, a little powder and curled lashes.  Oh, and lip gloss, I love lip gloss during the summer.  Love.

Shout for joy, the fall/winter season is upon us and I am so excited!  Here are some of my favorites!

Plum/Purples - First off this is my favorite color in the whole wide world.  So, it makes me giggle like a school girl whenever I can to pull out the purple makeup!
Sephora Palatte in Eternally Purple
OPI Nail Color in Just a Little Dangerous
Yves St. Laurent in 106 Mesmerizing Purple.

Of course the everlasting and classic red lips. Now, when I do a bold red lip I tend to back off on color on the rest of the face.  When I was to do a bold red lip and darker eyes and lashes, I end up looking like I was trying to make some extra cash (if ya know what I mean).  Some people can pull that off, of that which I am eternally envious of you, but you just have to experiment with yourself.  If I was going to do this red lipstick, I would just pair it with a clean eye and a little mascara. 

 FYI, smokey eyes a big must again this season.  I did also notice it's not just blacks/grays for smokey eyes.  There were some colored smokey eyes which I am in love with!  I am also so happy that Cover Girl decided to make it easy for the goofballs like me who just can't seem to get it down. 
Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio

Time for some neutrals, which I guess they are calling it the "New Neutrals" for winter.  I love neutrals for work and play.
Givenchy in Impertinent Nude
Sephora Colorful Palatte in Kiss from 10
Laura Mercier in Wild Boquet
Urban Decay Naked Palette

So those are the big trends this fall/winter that I am in love with.  What are your favorites? Any must have products?  


  1. I'm totally loving all of your makeup picks! Must try!! Purple is a great fall choice!

  2. I have been eyeing that OPI shade for a month now - so pretty!

    PS- We need to go to Sephora soon! Or not? I'd probably spend all of my money ;)

  3. Check out the award I gave you on my blog!


  4. I LOVE posts like this! I have no idea what to do when it comes to makeup so these posts really help. Thanks dear!

  5. I love the plums and purples hopefully will get to splurge on some eyeshadow in these shades this season!!


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