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The Hot Mess Life

April 13, 2011


(Yes, I did reference Crazy Sheen in my blog title.)

The Biggest Loser contest is over and the winner is (drum roll please):


That's right folks, I won and am now $350 smackaroo's richer!  Plan on treating myself to a few new pairs of shoes and put the rest in the bank.

It's been a hard 3 months, but 22lbs and 10.5 inches later I am so glad I did it.  Even if I hadn't won, I feel that I am finally back on track with my eating habits and workouts.  I haven't felt this good in a while and I love it!

I am so excited that I won!  It is a great feeling that something I worked so hard for has paid off.  I am not finished yet, my next goal is another 20lb loss by June 12.  Sexy summer dresses here I come!

This one is on my radar!

I will keep you all updated on my progess!!!

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  1. Way to go lady! That's awesome! Go treat yourself!


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