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April 05, 2011

Just What I Needed

I must say, this weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in a long long time.  It was just what I needed after a crazy few weeks!

Started Friday with a "Spring Fling" party at work.  (Have I mentioned how much I love where I work?) Egg dying, egg hunt and egg relay, OH MY!

Yummy Food & Cake.

Finishing  the cutest apron for the cutest niece, and I also made a mini apron for her American Girl doll. I will post more about that later. Yes, I am the greatest Aunt ever, thank you for asking!

Then birthday party for the cutest niece in the world.  Yes, sorry people, but she takes the cake.  Then she smears it all over her face.  Had to put this pic up!  Sorry everyone else, these are the cutest niece and nephews ever! (Have I said that enough already?)

Great Saturday morning run.  5 miles, thank you very much.

Yummy Food & Cake.

Surprise early b-day gift from sister and mother in law. So blessed!  It's a pretty awesome purse right? I think so!

Oh, did I mention yummy food & cake?

Surprise visit from the fam for an early birthday celebration.  Ate at my favorite Korean restaurant (Yumm!) and did some TJ Maxx'ing with the moms and found a very cute (very cheap) blouse.

Relaxing Sunday catching up on some of my "stories".  Yes, I am a Korean drama addict.  But, I can stop watching whenever I want, really I can!

To top it off, a small thunderstorm Sunday evening to rock me to sleep.



  1. That purple blouse is adorable and So You!!! :)

  2. Wishing the cutest niece in the world Happy birthday!

    btw dat apron is so cute bt dat top is cuter!

  3. Ok, the top is so cute, the purse I'm jealous about and those kids!! We are blessed aren't we!!


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