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May 18, 2010

Silly Snoopy

Ok, so a few days ago, I went to the City Market to get some fresh yummies. It was a great morning, and I went away with few great finds. Some yummy loose leaf tea, amazing fresh veggies, and an amazing loaf of challah bread. I was so excited to go home and partake in my glorious finds.

I was also excited because I wanted to make strawberry stuffed french toast, which is why I purchased the challah in the first place. So the next day as I started getting my ingredients in order, so I could start cooking first thing in the morning, I couldn't find the bread. I went to the kitchen table and no bread. I searched the kitchen, no bread. I searched my bag that I had with me and I searched the living room (just in case).


What the french toast????? I know I had that bread with me when I came into the house. GAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Then, I saw it.

Under the dining room table was the wrapper that the bread came in.


At first it didn't click in my head as to why this wrapper was empty.  Then, there he was.

Oh, don't his cute little face fool you. This little stinker grabbed the bread off the dining room table. Which, by the way is a counter height table. Then he ate the whole loaf.


Sigh, so there was no yummy strawberry stuffed french toast. Maybe next week.  Silly Snoopy.


  1. Hahahahaha!

    Love it.

    Next week we shall stop by the bakery and grab some more! Silly, silly snoopy! ;)

  2. Look at that face! He knows he's done wrong but he isn't the least bit regretful because it was so dang good. So funny!


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