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May 12, 2010

You Can Do Eeeeeet!


It's time to get serious.  I mean really serious.  I have a chance to win $400.00.  Do you know what I could do with that much money???   Oh yes, you are talking to the queen of bargain shopping.  I would destroy that $400.

I have joined a "Biggest Loser" at work.  It was pretty steep to join $50 smackaroos, but I believe it is worth it.  We have one month (until June 14) to lose as much as we can.  The person with the biggest body percentage lost will win.  By the way, that person is me.

I don't consider myself a cutthroat competitor, but I can get down and dirty when need be.  This situation calls for the big guns.  What better way to motivate me than the thought of losing 50 bucks, and the fact that hubby would be a bit ticked since he is not aware that I have joined.  Bahahahahaha!

I will keep you updated.  I have posted an inspirational picture on this post, anything to help the cause. 

It is on like donkey kong!

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  1. Karen hunny, I love you, but you're going DOWN!! ;)

    Cheers to our soon-to-be-sexy bods!

    Woop woop!

    Hugs friend!


  2. oooohhh, I did that once at work - I did well, didn't win but did well enough to be happy. Good luck and do please keep us posted!!


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