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May 31, 2010


Today is Memorial Day in the United States.

I just wanted to take a short moment and remember all the military personnel who have fought for our freedom. Even if you don't agree with the reasons as to why we are at war or why we have ever gone to war, please support and remember the people who have sacrificed their lives so that you are able to have the right to disagree. 

These men and women put their lives on the line for you and our country so that we may protest/agree/debate/vote.  (Maybe because I grew up in a military family I hold a special place in my heart.)

So while you are enjoying your day off and hanging out with friends, please take a moment to remember all the men and women who fight daily for you.

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  1. Aw, this was a thoughtful post =) much appreciated, my husband has been in the Navy for 22years and for most of those years was deployed 7 months out of the year! Thankfully now we are on shore-duty =)


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