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April 27, 2010

Where is my umbrella ella ella?

Ahhhh rain.  I do love rainy days!!! Well, it has been rainy or misty for about the last week here in the great midwest.  I get so excited about a rainy day, especially when I don't have to do anything.  Waking up to the sounds of rain against the house and knowing that I can just relax and take my time. Today  is the first day of sunshine in about a week and the weather is still cool.  Awesome running weather I say.
It is severe weather season so it's time to expect a lot of rain and storms.  Which I love as well!!!!  I love the lighting and thunder and the wierd green color everything turns when you know there is going to be a big storm coming your way.  The eerie quite that comes right before it starts to blow like mad and it feels as if all hell is about to break loose. All those in the midwest know what I'm talking about.
Now, I don't wish for tornadoes or for any major damage to happen.  For some reason the storms are fascinating to me.  So, I am super excited when the meteorologists start talking about predicted forecast for this years storm season.  (Yes, I know, i'm a dork) So bring it on storms!  I will be waiting. 

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