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February 24, 2011

Biggest Loser - Puppy Edition

We are in full swing with the Biggest Loser at work.  After a few slow weeks, K-Lish (tying out a new nickname) is now down 9lbs.  That's right folks, I have lost a toy poodle.

Inspired and invigorated, I am starting my love Snoopy on his own weight loss journey. 

That's right folks, the dog to your right.  Well, due to the comfortable life he leads, he has packed on quite a few pounds.  Being an old man (7) and being "husky" is not a good combo.  We need to get him down to George Clooney level, stat!  We are aiming for 10lb. loss for Snoops.

I started his new food regimen today and he very clearly made it known he was not happy.  Standing by his bowl howling for about a good hour, and well, there he goes again.

Aroooo!Aroooo! Translated to human speech is "Get off that laptop and feed me woman!"

So, I will keep you updated not only on my contest and weight loss, but his progress and well.


Wish me luck...

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