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I am a wife and mom who has Martha Stewart aspirations and gets stuff done with the grace of Lucille Ball. I would love you to join me on my journey and maybe have some laughs along the way.

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February 23, 2011

I Love Us

Today made me realize how happy I am with husband. 

We have been together for a while now.  Married 8 years this April and been together almost 13 years. 
Ok, so obviously not us.  But, I really do feel that old.  Really. 

Being with someone that long you get to know them pretty darn well.  All their little quirks and habits no one else witnesses except you.  Some cute and make you smile, some, well...

Today I asked husband a question over gchat and this is pretty much how it went:

Me: Hey, what is that thing that you can scan that square thing and it brings up something?  You know what I'm talking about?

Husband: You mean qr code?

Me: Yes! I'm so glad you understand Karenism.  :)

Yes, people husband is fluent in Karenism.  That makes me smile!  :)

I love us.

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