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I am a wife and mom who has Martha Stewart aspirations and gets stuff done with the grace of Lucille Ball. I would love you to join me on my journey and maybe have some laughs along the way.

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February 27, 2011

Official Seal

That's it folks!  I deserve it!

In my previous post I had listed numerous things I had wanted to accomplish over the weekend, and well I did it!

Here is a list of some of the things I did:

Got caught up and had the pleasure to visit a lot of new followers from various blog hops.  Thank you for following!

Purged, purged and purged some more.  I am pretty much done with the main part of the house, the basement storage will have to be for another weekend.

Yes, these are all my clothes that I don't wear or don't know why I even purchased.  I also took a large amount of pans, small appliances and other various items I haven't used in quite a while.

Finally rearranged my living room and pulled out a lot of decor that has been in storage.

Please don't mind the dog Frisbee on the floor and Snoopy staring out the window.  He dreams of chasing all the birds  and squirrels in our front yard.  

Made some fabric wall art:

I plan on moving these downstairs to a light colored wall and making a new decoration to put in its place, will keep you updated.

Here is the closeup of the large fabric wall art I made.

These are all from my camera phone, I think I need to invest in a nice camera. 
I also made a skirt and two aprons.  Baked a delicious and healthy banana bread and homemade chicken pot pie.  I also found a super delish green tea smoothie, just in time for spring/summer.  Recipes and pics to come in a later post!

Tonight is a perfect end to the weekend, thunderstorm outside, just had some of the homemade chicken pot pie and the banana bread is cooling (calling my name).  

All in all a very good (busy) weekend.  I hope you all had a great weekend!!!


  1. impressive! Your living room is so cute! I love it!

  2. WOW! You had a very productive weekend! LOVE the wall-art!! and love your livingroom; it's wonderful!

  3. Congratulations on getting stuff done! I love productive weekends. Unfortunately, I didn't have one this weekend, but I have "Spring Cleaning" blocked off on my calendar for Saturday and Sunday and I'm actually pretty excited about it.

    Oh, and I love your striped wall in your living room, and that fabric you chose for the wall art is beautiful!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday. Hope you have a fantastic day.


  4. well that sounds like an incredibly busy weekend! Mine was quite lazy.

    thanks for the comment love!

  5. How fun! I love weekends where I accomplish a lot, which unfortunately does not happen very often! I love that wall art and your living room- so cute!

  6. Holy freaking cow, girlfriend!! You inspire me! I plan to totally go through and purge stuff I don't need this week now that my house is clean! Bring on the extra space!! :)

    PS- Dying to see the aprons and skirt! xo

  7. Hey! I'm returning your love from Friday's FTLOB visit! :) It sounds like your weekend was so productive! I love your striped living room walls and the way you make are from fabric! Very cool! Thanks for stopping by again. :)

  8. Aloha! New follower from Meg's MM! You sound like such a fun, happy and upbeat person and your profile picture totally made me smile.

    Go you for decluttering and purging the house! My husband and I have been in a similar mode lately (I have no idea how we manage to accumulate SO.MUCH.STUFF.); at the beginning of the year we were really good about purging every weekend, but the last few weeks we have failed miserably.

    Also wanted to comment on your living room - I'm so loving those stripes! It looks very classy and so grown up! And Snoopy (is that really your pup's name?) staring out the window...as cute as that is, it kind of makes me sad! We have a kitty (indoor only) and it makes me sad when she stares longingly out the window at all the birds. :(

    Anyway, sorry for the novel! Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I'm reading along!


  9. love the stamp!

    Check out my Nanette Lepore giveaway!


  10. Thanks everyone! I hope I can keep this trend up, I have a basement that is in dire need of some purging.
    Yes, Angie Snoopy is his real name. :) Snoopy the beagle. Hehe.


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