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July 13, 2010

Ain't no Challah back girl...

Let me tell you a story.  This is a story about a beautiful loaf of challah bread that turned into an even more beautiful piece of french toast.

I have never heard of using challah for french toast until this year.  I have been on the hunt ever since, and think I have found it.  At the city market, at Bloom Bakery in Kansas City.  They have the best challah I have tried so far.  So this story is not about just french toast, no my friends, this is french toast stuffed with a cream cheese filling. 

I got this recipe from Tasty Kitchen, and of course you can use whatever fruit you want and I even made this with the loaf of italian bread and it came out very good as well.

Let me just show you what I did:

Ok, just had to post this picture, I mean come on people!  I know you want to lick the screen, go ahead, it'll our little secret.

Now, cut the bread into pretty big chunks and then cut a slit in the middle so you can put the yummy filling:

Now take your cream cheese, please make sure it is softened and room temperature, you can mix it better with your strawberry preserve.  I also, cut about a half pint of strawberries and let them sit in sugar before I started cooking.  Some may say it's overkill with the sweetness, but I couldn't care less. 

Then stuff your bread (hhmm, maybe a "That's what she said" moment right there).   I overstuffed mine (and another one), go big or go home people.

Mix all the "dunking" ingredients together, I added 1/4 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. Because we needed even more sweetness added right?

After whisking these ingredients together, dunk your stuffed french toast and let them sit on a plate until you have dunked all pieces. 

Now cook!  Cook (with butter of course, no low-cal version here folks) on medium heat until everything is heated through and the outside of the bread is a nice golden brown.  Then, top it off with syrup, any remaining sweetened strawberries and powdered sugar.  (I think I just got a cavity from writing this post.) 


Go make this now!  I hope you have enjoyed this post, I am now officially hungry, again.  This is definitely going to become a staple in my weekend breakfast rotation!

Ok, so just had to add one more picture.  :)


  1. Holy crap... I think I just gained 5 lbs. watching that!

    So yummy!

  2. OMG I saw this on tasty kitchen but haven't gotten a chance to make it yet! btw, the title of this post made me laugh out loud.

  3. yummy! You were in front of me on the Mingle Monday! If you are looking for new recipes, check out my blog. I post about 2 x a week new recipes! Have a great day! I love getting new bloggers!

    A Moment with Megan.

  4. Oh my that looks amazing!!!! More like dessert than actual breakfast!

  5. OMG YES! that looks absolutely out of this world. i'm totally going to cook that the next time i have a free moment on the weekend

  6. wow, wow...that looks amazing and yummy! Karen, your blog is beautiful! It's been a while since I've been able to browse around and I'm glad I stopped by, so refreshing. Have a beautiful weekend =)

  7. Thank you for all the comments! I have also been told using nutmeg in the milk mixture as well. Might have to try that next time. :)


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