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July 21, 2010


Ok, so I have been slacking on my blog posts.  I do apologize for that.  Watch out though, I am ready to do some make up work here. 

A few weeks ago I took vacation days, which was awesome! My mother - in -law (which I will call "momil" since I have no patience to type it the other way) came over and hung out for a few days.  I believe there was a collective groan from you guys.  Yes, I know, usually when a momil comes over there is always a sense of impending doom.

Not so much at the Kimchee household, I actually look forward to her visits.  No, I am not crazy,  I am very blessed with the fact that I have awesome in laws. 

While she was here we went and ate at Garozzo's here in downtown KC.  It was UH-mazing, as always.  Yes folks this is not your Olive Garden "Italian". 

She helped us finish painting the trim inside our house.  (We have a pretty high ceilings.)

We went to the city market.

Found this antique shop that sold, well everything.  Apparently, as long as an item is old, it is "antique".  I was very tempted to purchase a circa 1980's prom dress, with the poofy sleeves and all. 

 Had two 4th of July parties.  One at my sis in laws and then one at our house. 

It was basically Food Fest 2010.  Which, I'm not complaining, but the scale groaned a bit louder after that week.

To sum it up, awesome "staycation".


  1. Bahahaha! LOVE the Borat picture!

    So happy you had such a blast - you were greatly missed!

    PS- Highlighted you today on my blog! Yay!

  2. Love, Love, Love that you put Garozzo's first! Oh and how do you pronounce Momil??

  3. Just came over to visit from Meg's Mingle Monday...and totally in love with that 80s prom dress. AND the Borat picture. Seriously I don't think that post could be any better! Excited to keep reading :)


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