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The Hot Mess Life

July 22, 2010

Some like it hot.

So. Hot.

Looks like we are heading into the dog days of summer here.  I believe 110 with the heat index today.  It's so steamy that my windows on my house were steaming!

So, I just wanted to perk myself up, be positive and try to survive!  Here are a few things I like to do to keep cool.

Drink fun pretty beverages.

Pool it up!

Online Shopping! 
Yes folks, when it is so hot that your car a/c can't keep up and the temp is the about the same inside and out.

Frozen Grapes! 
Yes, frozen grapes, such a great tasty treat that also keeps you cool and helps you stay poolside sexy.(Just took this picture at work, but I'm on lunch so it's all good) They are now safely in my belly.

What are some of your favorite stay cool activities?


  1. Seeing as it's 60 degrees in Seattle right now, I don't really need to stay cool. But when I do, I eat ice cream. Much too much of it.

  2. Its about 7 zillion degrees in Dallas these days. Like, "don't even think about turning on that blow dryer" hot. So, I like to freeze vitamin waters...just enough so there are little floating popcicle chunks. MMMMM......

  3. Carrie would you like to trade homes with me?? ;)
    And Casey that is a wonderful idea! That would taste sooo good! :)

  4. It's so hot you can't buy ice cream unless you live one block from the grocery store.
    Oh and I just love frozen grapes.

  5. Those grapes look yummy! We have been fortunate to stay in the 70s so far BUT I was in Vegas all weekend and it was 110 I melted! and ate ice cream =D


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