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November 10, 2010

Is it only me????

As I was drinking my water this morning, I was reminded of a very strange thing that I do when I drink any type of beverage.

Why? Why do I do this? The raised pinky brings the stigma of being a fancy person, and well, I am just not fancy at all.  I even do it when I am drinking a beer, and beer out of a can is just really not that fancy.   

Is there anyone else in the world that does this too?  Am I to wander the world alone with my pinky sticking up???

After some research on this silly little topic, I have found that a lot of other people do this as well.  There is even a Facebook page devoted to this cause.  I still have to yet to find a credible source as to why this happens.  I have read everything from it being hereditary or from the old coffee/tea cups whose handles were too small. 

Anyone else have funny quirks like this?

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