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November 08, 2010

It's a Karen Move.

I am not a, what you would call a graceful person.  I am clutzy and usually can't go a day without spilling something on myself.  I might even be a bit scatterbrained at times.

For instance, at work we were having a party and everyone was dressing up.  We even had a floor decorating contest.  ( I love my my work by the way, you will soon see why.) 

On a side note, Halloween is not my favorite holiday.  Nothing against it, but I think since I don't have any mini kimchee's running around, I guess I don't get as excited about Halloween as everyone else does.  I ended up deciding on a witch for work (how original).  Oh, also I don't do scary movies.  I don't even like watching a preview for a scary movie while I'm laying in bed, if I do I can't sleep. 

This is my favorite part of Halloween.

So party day came, and I tried to get everything ready the night before so I wasn't running around in the morning.  I get to work and start to get ready.  I also brought my wedding dress petticoat and was gonna hike it up to poof out the black dress.  It was gonna be awesome. 

I put on the striped tights the white long sleeved shirt that went under the black dress.  I put on the petticoat and as I reach for my black dress, nothing.  It's not there.  I forgot the most important part of my costume.  *sigh  All I can say, it's a Karen move.  Only I would grab everything but the main part of my costume. 

Anywhoo, the following video was made with me and a few co-workers that we showed at the party.  I hope you enjoy!!!

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