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I am a wife and mom who has Martha Stewart aspirations and gets stuff done with the grace of Lucille Ball. I would love you to join me on my journey and maybe have some laughs along the way.

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December 01, 2010


Have any of you heard of the "Day Zero Project"?

Well, I am starting that today. It is a really neat premise, you choose the top 101 things that you want to do and you have 1001 days to complete them.  They don't have to be huge things, for example, I am going to try and send out holiday cards this year.  See, easy as pie.  Other items are huge milestones for me, I put down running a marathon as one, so you see you can choose anything to put on this list.

I still have not come up with the 101 things, only 45, but I am sure I will before the time is up.  You can go to the Day Zero Project site here and find out more info for yourself, then you can go here to see what I have put down so far.

FYI, it helps if you play "Eye of the Tiger" while making your list.  

I will try and keep up with updates here, hopefully weekly or more realistically monthly. 

I have added the Eye of the Tiger video for inspiration.


  1. I fell in love when I found this project and had so much fun creating my list and have had even more fun completing my "things"! Good luck to you!

  2. I started the Day Zero project too! So fun to do things (big and small) that I wouldn't normally think about. I started last month and decided to blog it - figured it would help me to complete it. You can follow me at http://mydayzerochallenge.blogspot.com. Found you on Meg's Mingle Monday!


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