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January 09, 2011

Sunday Morning Goodness

Please note I have included a song to play in the background as you read this post.  It makes it so much better don't you think?

One of the many things I love about Sunday morning is breakfast.  It's a big un' with bacon, eggs and biscuits with sausage gravy.  I'm not trying to brag, but husband seems to greatly appreciate my breakfast skillz.  I used to make this every Sunday morning until I realized I wanted husband to live long enough to see his 30th birthday.  I still try to make it often enough, but now it's more pancakes and eggs.

 This is definitely not a breakfast for those watching their figure.  This is a fat filled, carb loaded greasy goodness.  Even the eggs are fried in the left over bacon grease, see what I mean, awesomely good. Sigh, it will be awhile until I make this wonderfully fatty breakfast again, the Biggest Loser contest starts Tuesday at work. 

Now, the recipe for this breakfast is super easy.  Cook bacon, eggs and the biscuits like you normally would.  I use the premade Phillsbury buttermilk biscuits. The gravy depends on your taste, here is how I normally make it.  
Fry a package of country sausage, then sprinkle enough flour to soak up all the yummy sausage grease and the sausage is nicely coated.  Then add enough milk to your desired thickness.  I usually use no more than a half gallon of 2% milk.  Yes, it makes a lot of gravy.

The plate below is mine, I am not a big fan of bacon (gasp!), too salty for my taste.



  1. Hello from your newest follower & Yummy is right. Visiting from the Pink Dandy blog Hop. Have a great day.

  2. We had potatoes, fried of course, eggs, toast, and oranges! Yours looks betterx!

  3. YUMMM!!! I could use a rice and Portuguese Sausage mmmm mmm. Looks great! Can you tell I'm from Hawaii :o) Have a great Sunday!

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  7. New blog hop follower!
    Sweet T Makes Three
    So what's your favorite kind of kimchee? My aunt makes awesome cucumber kimchee, but I like the cabbage kind best. :)

  8. Thanks to all the new followers!!! I appreciate you!
    Yumm! Cucumber kimchee is delish! I really love anything my mom makes! Turnip kimchee is in my top 3! :)


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