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January 28, 2011

New Favorite!

With the new year one big resolution is to watch the budget.

So husband and I are tightening our purse strings and trying to pad the ol' savings account.

I have found a hair product that I LOVE and is a pretty good substitute for the more expensive brand.

I have always used and loved Redken's Glass.  If you have never tried it, it is uh-flippin mazing!  It smooths your hair and makes it shine like none other.  I really do love this product and if I have some extra dough, I might splurge.

To save about $10, I have found a new product that is a pretty close to the Redken brand.

Yes, the Garnier Sleek & Shine is a pretty good substitute for the real thing.  I highly recommend.

Your hair to go from this

to this

Ok, so the pictures are a bit dramatic and you might need just a bit more product to go from the frizz to straight. But I still highly recommend going out, depending on your budget, and grabbing either of those products!

Happy Styling!!!

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