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June 14, 2010

And the winner is...

Not me! 

Sigh, yes the Biggest loser competition at my work has ended and I unfortunately did not win.  Although, I did not win the cash prize, I feel pretty good.  My total weight loss is 11 lbs.  For five weeks I consider that pretty darn good. 

I am also so stoked that everyone who participated lost!!!  I believe the 6 lbs. was the smallest amount lost, so that is just amazing!!!

I am gearing to head up a new contest at work though.  A smaller entry fee and this time seven weeks (because of the 4th of July holiday). 

So, I will keep updates coming for that one.  All in all, it was so much fun!  I love competition and when you have others keeping you accountable, it pushes me to lose even more than I would on my own. 

Maybe, after I have gotten pretty close to my goal weight, I will do the before and after pictures. :)

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