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June 26, 2010

My Heart

Alright peeps.  Get ready for some oohhhh'ing and aaaahhhh'ing.  I have introduced you to both my babies before.

Although, I do love my poodle Missy, I have a special place in my heart for my Snoopy.  Maybe because he is my first "born".  Or, maybe because I went on a search for the perfect dog one day, and he came running up and wouldn't leave my side.  Or maybe here is why:

I mean come on people!!! Who can resist that face?  Gah! I just want to pull on his soft long ears (he is a beagle) and pet him all day!  Unfortunately something called work keeps getting in the way. Hmm... need to do something about that situation.

He is trying to be so sly, he knows I'm taking his picture.  You see how he is smiling and his eyes are slit just enough?  (Yes, I might just be that crazy)

Ok, now here are some baby pictures, suprisingly I do not carry them around with me.

He was only 4 pounds when I brought him home, granted he is 10 times that now, but ugh! I can't stand it, he is so cute!

Ok, last one I promise.  Well, last one in this post.  Go ahead, kiss the screen, I won't tell anyone!  :)


  1. Aww, what sweeties you have!

    And speaking of sweeties...YOU are a sweetie! I see that you've added me to your blog list & girl, thank you!!!!! You are such a dear! I'm smiling!

    Take care & tell your doggies hello from me & my Danes!

  2. Those are super adorable pictures!!!!! I did almost kiss the screen, but I'm at work and my boss would think I was weird... ha!

  3. I love how you're waving your dog mom flag proudly! I named my whole blog after that loveness. Your baby is so presh!



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