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June 12, 2010

What the French Toast????

I got the idea for this blog post from reading and learning about the Camel Flage, at one of the cutest blogs Poodleism.  When you read her post you will understand.  

As I was flipping through the channels one early morning, you know when it is still too early for real shows to be on so there are 5 gazillion infomercials.  (This is where I first learned of the Snuggie as well.)  I came across this:

What the french toast?????  Cami Secret??? (I have included the link, just in case there was someone who really did want one, sigh)  Have we learned nothing from the mock turtleneck dickey fiasco from the 80's (even into the 90's for some)???  Why don't these women just buy the right size shirt????

Ok, so I know it's an informercial and yes, they over exaggerate to no end, but this one just bugs me for some reason???? 

Also, can a struggling actor really get any real work after starring in an infomercial?  Would they even bring a reel like this to an audition? I know I wouldn't, it would be my little dark dirty secret.  Something that if I was to run for office one day I could be blackmailed by someone in possession of this tape.  Almost as embarrassing as a sex tape, no wait maybe even more, because you can look sexy in a sex tape, in an infomercial you just look like a fool.  LIKE A FOOL!


  1. Do you find when you watch those informercials long enough you start thinking..... YEAH! I could use that. Like the slap chop thing. I think that is why they are on at the time they are. We're vulnerable at that time.
    Except for this cami secret thing... thats just hilarious.

  2. LOL! So true! I always laugh the first time I see one, but then after a while, i think, hm, well maybe I could use that. :)


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