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June 24, 2010


I found her. 

It has been a long and hard journey, but I think I finally found her.  It has been 7 years, SEVEN years of searching,  SEVEN years of disappointment and anger.  Being fooled on more than one occasion had hardened my heart and made me resistant to letting others in. But, I have finally found the one who can take care of me the way I need to be taken care of.

Her name is Suzanne, and she is my new hair stylist.  Love her. I mean I LOVE her!  So was so thorough, I brought in the Heidi Klum picture, and you know what?  She actually listened to what I wanted and talked it through with me, and did what I wanted.  UH-mazing!
It is just so great  wonderful  when you get a great perfect cut and you know it.  You walk 5 inches taller with your head up and maybe sashaying your hips just a little bit more with that ," Yes, I know I look good." swagger.

So please, all you ladies (and men) out there looking for that one great person who can take care of you the way you should be taken care of, there is still hope. 


  1. Yeahy!!! Since my move 3 + years ago, I had almost given up hope of finding the hairdresser of my dreams. Now I have hope again!
    Thank you

  2. My hairdresser used to be so awesome... but in the past year his work has just deteriorated. I don't know if it's because he's getting older and a bit decrepit or if it's because he's too busy gossiping without paying attention to what he's doing. But yeah, a good hair dresser is way effin' important. On another note, I thought I was the only person that said "uh-mazing". And finally, THAT SKIRT ON THE RIGHT IS GOING TO DRIVE ME TO DRINK. It is SOOOOO beautiful. I want it. I think I'm going to prostitute myself for it. YUM!

    p.s. my captcha is ding dong! lol

  3. I went to my old stylist for about 8 years and then moved. Bleh! I'm so happy I am able to find someone I trust with my hair. :)

    So glad you like the skirt :) I had to put it up when I saw it, delish! :)

    Ah! I love using "ding dong"! I got it from a SNL short. Hmmm, might have to blog about that one. :)

  4. A-freaking-men to hairstylists who do you right. I found a guy on a friend's referral who is honestly my styling soulmate. I know exactly how you feel. Others are learning about him and he's booked all the time. I feel like he's cheating.



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