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June 09, 2010

The Yumminess


Really, that word in itself can be a single blog posting.  I could just type the word "cake", be done with it, and go knowing that I just made an incredible blog post.  Although, I shall continue, because it gets even better.  (I know, settle down folks.)

As I was on the information superhighway one evening, I "stumbled upon" a recipe on the food blog The Sweet Spot.  Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Cake.  Need I say more???  You can find the Uh-mazing recipe here.

I have posted the pictures of the one I made below.  Please keep in mind these were taken on my cell phone and I am not a professional photographer.  Although, I do believe they get the point across.  I only wish there was such a thing as "taste-o-monitor".  Just pure delightfulness. 

It is such a great summer cake because it is cold and not very heavy.  I don't like heavy or hot things (besides myself) in the summer. 

Please feast your eyes on what is about to appear and enjoy!

And now, a view of a slice.  It is a very pretty cake too because of all the layers.

I think I should invest in a better camera, these just don't do the cake justice.  Although, the pictures on The Sweet Spot are to die for!  So, I hope you have enjoyed all the yumminess you just partook in, and more recipe posts will be coming soon ( I have been slacking in that department)


  1. Um...I just tinkled at the sight of a "not heavy" peanut butter item. I've pretty much been looking for something like this since I was born....But really.

    Love your blog, found you on Life of Meg! www.poodleism.com

  2. Thanks! Yes, I love that you combine the peanut butter and whipped cream together, delish! :)


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