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June 22, 2010

What a Feeling!


Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything is just well, perfect? It wasn't as if a lot of spectacular events occurred, but it was a quite week of just fun things.  It was just a time where I felt that I was happy.  (Besides the fact that I have horrendous poison ivy at the moment.)  It was a week, where it make me realize that I am truly felt grateful for everything that happened and for all the people around me. 

Let me just list the fun things that happened:

1.  My amazing friends got engaged!!!!  Congratulation D & N! Love you both so much! :)
2. I was able to put a pair of pants without unbuttoning or unzipping them beforehand.
3.  I found the most amazing Zumba class!
4.  I feel like I am making headway with my yard. Finally!
5.  At work, we just got through three of the busiest weeks of the year, so far.
6.  I am an Auntie once again, my sister in law had her third baby!!! Congrats Ashley!!! You are amazing!  :)
7.  Finally watched the first two Twilight movies in preparation for Eclipse, and had a fun girls night.

So, two major life changing events happened, everything else were really just simple things.  But, it is the simple things that make life worth it!  Ok, well three life changes if you count watching the Twilight movies.  :)

And yes, my blog title is referring to the song "What a Feeling" by Irene Cara.  I heard it on the radio on the way back from the in-laws, husband was not too happy listening, but I love that song!  So, for your listening pleasure, I have included a video of the song.  Seriously, what a feeling to know that life can be so good and you can be happy.


  1. congrats!!! being an auntie is the best - but i'm sure you already know that

  2. Aw thank you!!! I agree being an auntie is the best!!! Now I get to cuddle three little munchkins :)


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