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June 10, 2010

Flirty Friday

Since the temps are rising I thought this would be an opportune time to show you what will be hugging my curves poolside this summer.  I am in LOVE with the vintage swimsuits.  Especially the one pieces.  My cuter than all heck friend Meg from Life of Meg purchased the cutest black one piece from Victoria's Secret.  (Am very green with envy)

I figure I would post a few that are on my wish list (some I will probably never get because honestly if it's not on sale then I'm not buying).

So the one on the ruched blue one is high on my list as a must have, the deep v suit is well, just too sexy!!! I need to loose all the weight in my left leg to be able to look anywhere near as sexy as you should in a suit like that.
Moving on, so how cute is this polka dot suit???  Makes me wanna do a little beach blanket bingo!

Of course no swimsuit would be complete without a cover up. I love this one that I found on Bluefly here, because 1. it is purple, 2. the sheerness which just makes it sexy, and makes me wanna make a mojito and lounge in a cabana.

How fun is this blue one which I also found on Bluefly here.  It's so cute that you could go to the beach and then cover up to go have lunch or do some shopping.

To end this post ( I could keep going so I need a stopping point, teehee), I am adding a pic I found on Etsy (which stated in an earlier post, I am having a very intense love affair with at the moment, sorry husband).  How flippin' cute is this suit???  I keep looking at it every time I get online and I want it soooo bad!!!

So, there you go my people, go forth and bring sexy back to the beaches/pools.

1 comment:

  1. Love the red and white polka dot one and the 2 piece at the end. Very retro.. Bette Page.


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